How To Repair Tent Pole

If you measure the opening diameter of the pole you may find you can use a thicker diameter. On my tent poles I went for a 3mm diameter cord.

How To Repair Tent Pole Elastic Cord Re Thread The Easy Way Tent Poles Tent Repair

Replace the other sections of the tent pole in the right order.

How to repair tent pole. A broken tent pole can make for a pretty miserable trip. In this video Ian shows us how to repair a broken tent pole. When all the tent pole sections are replaced tie a looped knot in the bungee cord watch the video to see how.

Lay the tent fabric on a solid surface and remove the backing on the tape patch. Breaking off or trimming jagged regions surrounding the break. Identify the cord diameter for replacement.

Let us know if you have any additional questions and well be happy to help. On cheap tents this will usually be around 2mm in diameter which is not very strong or durable. Align the broken pole with the cleat.

Make sure your replacement fits with the two sections on either side. In the field theres no need to carry a full replacement pole for your backpacking tent as long as you have a splint. This video will show you how to splint that pole so you can get a good nights sleepCheck it out t.

Use a Tent Repair Kit. Cut a piece of repair tape to cover the hole and at least one inch of fabric surrounding it. He demonstrates an emergency gaffer tape fix and doing it the proper way.

If there are pieces of broken tent pole metal in the way try using some pliers or otherwise a rock to bend them back inwards. If your tent pole has broken then it may have sharp pieces of metal sticking out. Use tape to firmly adhere the cleat and tent pole together.

If you purchased your tent used or it didnt come with a tent repair kit you can buy a pre-made tent repair kit to have on hand. Coghlans Tent Pole Repair Kit fix broken tent poles quickly 1125 x 332 shock cord 30 wire 6 washers 2 ferrules 1 each 85mm 95mm. Hopefully this is who you were looking for.

For the sleeve slip the tent pole into the sleeve. A good tent repair kit should include the correctly sized tent pole splint a glue or seam grip like adhesive a tent seam ripper. How to Fix a Broken Tent Pole.

On the exterior of the tent start by cleaning the area around the tear with rubbing alcohol and a rag. If the tent pole is only bent and not fully severed gently bend the metal back into place. Remove the broken tent pole section and put the replacement tent pole section in its place.

If you round the corners of the tape the patch will last longer. Use a gaffers tape or duct tape to secure the sleeves ends. We suggest filling out the repair form on their website to see if they can help you with your current tent.

Firstly line up the broken pole sections. Slide the sleeve onto the pole and position it over the break. The company Tent Pole Technologies offers assembled poles as well as various tent pole replacement parts.

Use pliers to clear off these pieces of metal to keep the outside of the tent pole smooth. How to Repair a Shock Cord. Gather the repair requirements.

Attach the cleat or sleeve. Put a tent pole repair sleeve on the broken section.

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